J&K Elections: Victory for Democracy


India administered Kashmir proves herself to the world that ‘J&K is part and parcel of India’. Though there are numerous issues in handling the Kashmir issue, the Indian Kashmir is always maintained with a degree of freedom it can enjoy inside the mainland India.

Jammu and Kashmir’s capital, Srinagar defies the boycott called against the elections. India is by and large a democracy with fair democratic values.

Though India has to accept Kashmir as an issue, the Kashmiri’s cannot deny – India is far better in handling the issue.

An Election Rally

The Democratic framework in India gives a faith to the citizens. India has improved a lot in handling Kashmir.

After any calamity, when Kashmir goes for polls – They stayed with democracy. Good voter turnout is recorded. After floods, this time is no exemption.

Jammu and Kashmir is the only Muslim majority state in the nation. It is necessary for the government in Delhi to keep Kashmir in peace and happiness.

Ever since independence, there are mixed voices from Kashmiri’s. There is no full-fledged support for India. But the bitterness is getting down.

It is in the hands of the government in Delhi to keep Kashmir inside the framework of India. Kashmir is a special state due to the mishandling of the region in the past.

Kashmir supporting Indian democracy proven in almost all the elections happened in the state.

The International community accepts India administered Kashmir is partly free and fair. India still has problem with Pakistanis over Kashmir. This is not good for both the neighbors of the subcontinent.

The Election results may not bring happiness everyone in the nation. But the elections are healthy one and proving to be better remedy for most of the issues.

The present election is victory to democracy. It has to be appreciated.

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