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CV Wigneswaran, former judge of Supreme Court, SriLanka

Canagasabapathy Visuvalingam Wigneswaran is the unanimous choice for chief ministerial candidate in Tamil National Alliance. The Tamil majority Northern Province (TNA) is going to elections sooner in the country. CV Wigneswaran has been a Judge in Supreme Court of SriLanka. He did render a speech in 2001 about the situation of Tamils which most Sinhalese did not appreciate.

 CV Wigneswaran did not subscribe to the thought of becoming chief minister initially. But there was a caveat in his thought; if he is unanimous with in TNA– he is okay. TNA made the condition okay to get a nod from the former Justice.

The best part in his candidature is the government cannot draw stripes over the body of Justice. The Government of Sri Lanka cannot call its judge as Tiger. The Government supporters call TNA as pro-LTTE unit or political front of LTTE, though it is far from truth. TNA has fielded few Ex-LTTE cadres. Even the ruling party is no exemption – DayaMaster, KP all has stripes and had cyanide over their neck.

Former Justice of Supreme Court is against the partition of the island. He even calls the Tamils in Tamil Nadu to allow for creating a home grown solution. The most advocated Indian Idea of 13A is not having full support in the island. But most of the crowd which is neutral and pro-peace in the island believes 13A can be a best start. Justice also believes in the same line. But he feels it is not enough for the solution. He is careful in commenting on things which was decided by the Judicial system of Sri Lanka.

Choosing Former Justice as a unanimous candidate for Chief Minister’s chair – can put the demand for Separate Tamil Elam in the shelf, which the Diaspora would not like.

Tamil EelamTNA has to act within the constitutional framework of the island. They cannot cry for Separate Tamil Elam loudly – but they have supported LTTE in the past or forced to do so. Now, TNA by choosing a man who is advocating united Sri Lanka, TNA by itself moved towards Indo-Lanka accord lines.

Mr .Singh, the Indian Prime minister has invited Tamil Leaders to New Delhi in the recent past. He has explained his stand. He stands for 13A per the information in the public forums. India may like installing the Former Justice as chief minister. But looks India did not really exert pressure.

In the present scenario, Colombo is acting in 13- (13 Minus) mode, while New Delhi is expecting 13+ mode.

In case CV Wigneswaran is elected, it would really give opportunity for Sri Lanka to build the nation. If the Theory of United Sri Lanka fails – no wonder CV Wigneswaran may be pushed towards separate country theory like Mr. Selvanayagam.

It is a wait and watch time now. For Now – Judgment is reserved.


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