Juvenile law: Arrival Delayed !

Image result for nirbhayaDelhi Gang rape was shame to the nation. Any rape is shame to a cultured society. Vastly debated Delhi gang rape has gone like another news event for politicians but not for Nirbaya’s family.

The Nation’s capital saw great levels of demonstrations against then government for the justice to Nirbaya. The parties which fought for the cause are in power now. The Bharatiya Janata Party and Aam Aadmi Party are in power now.

Both these parties which spearheaded the protests against the then government, which was need of the hour. But after they assumed office, they comfortably forgot the case as usual like any other party. It was just politics.


Nirbhaya's mother, Asha Devi mourns her daughter.

Nirbhaya’s mother, Asha Devi (Image Curtesy: CNN)


Bringing a non-issue to the status of issue and making the major thing not to be discussed in the parliament is what happening in the present day government.

When one of the major metros of the nation was fully flooded, Parliament was discussing intolerance. Chennai gave the answer to what is secularism. When Nirbaya’s issue has to be spoken out in parliament – the untimely or well-planned CBI raid in Personal secretary’s office of the chief minister of the national capital happened leading to debate on DDCA (Delhi and District Cricket Authority) irregularities. Not only in these two cases but in most of the cases, non-issues are becoming issues because of the ruling party.

What the law ministry was doing about Nirbaya’s case? – No answer until now. Why the bill is getting tabled after the eleventh hour was passed? This issue is bigger than the raid and DDCA. Government is very much worried about its party image than the real issues.

We need justice for the worst event occurred in New Delhi.

With absence of law, courts can’t do anything. This is the reality. The present government has to think about this. The government should have acted proactively. It is the duty of the government.



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  • Arun Prasadh

    You could have also mentioned who was blocking the parliament and not allowing it to function. Not allowing any bills to be passed. Also who was giving incentives to rapists.

  • The actual incidence was a shameful, tragic and horrifying event. What followed afterwards was even more tragic and shameful. Now, we have a psychopath free in the society. And on top of that he is given a Sewing Machine and Rs 1000 start a tailoring business. Moreover, his photo hasn’t been revealed. That gives him perfect license to molest any woman coming to him for sewing, and worse thing–no one would even know it’s the same animal.

  • Archana Singh

    Too little too late! This incident shows how woman in India are inscure. And, talks about ‘Beti Bachao’ are nothing but political tactics with no real ground

  • deepali joshi

    Any rape is a shame to a cultured society…well said. And how a society responds to this barbaric act is also a measure of its “tolerance”. And frankly…this is where we need an intolerant society.