Another Kargil in waiting?

Neither the prime minister of India nor the prime minister of Pakistan are in happier times. They both are bothered. Mr Nawaz Sharif, the newly elected prime minister and the nine year long working Indian Prime minister Mr Manmohan Singh are worried about the cease fire violations in the Line of Control, the line partitioning Indian Administered Kashmir and Pakistan Administered Kashmir.

The first Ceasefire violation was by the Pakistan Army. The firing by the Pakistan Army was termed as unprovoked firing by the Indian side. This school of thought is surprisingly being subscribed in Pakistan too but with some degree of variation. But the mainstream media of the Islamic state is trying to pacify its effect in the domestic political whether.

India is experiencing bad time in every sector these days. Indian Economy is failing under the Economist Prime minister.

The Story of Pakistan is different. The war which can happen like Kargil is being triggered by Kayani, Pakistan’s Military General. The newly elected prime minister is not able to warn the army. Looks the army is not happy with the present government. Mr Kayani friend the former general Parvez Mushraff may walk into the same lines as his friend.

india-vs-pakistanThe Cease fire which is in place from 2003 is in danger now. The violations by Pakistan Army happens almost daily, it has crossed couple of dozens. The Indian Army is a conventional army which retaliated within its limit.

The near recent history of Indian Army in the Jammu & Kashmir has put the infiltration of militants from Pakistan side of Kashmir under control.

Indian army, one of the top five armies of the world has killed 28 Militants in last two months. Indian army has evidences of Pakistan Army helping the terrorists to cross the border – per the press meet they had.

Indian side is aware of the situations in the valley particularly in the valley. The army is vigilant in Uri, Kargil, Tiger pass and other sectors of the valley.

This time, the Pakistanis can not call India as War mongering. Previous Foreign affairs minister Heena Kaur has stamped India  War Mongering – though India was not. This time, it is Pakistan to clarify the reason for unprovoked firing and continuing cease fire violations.

Though there is a hotline between Mr. Singh and Mr Sharif – it is not going to work now.

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