Karnataka – Tamil Nadu: Fight over Damn DAM!

Path of cauvery: Karnataka & TN

It is not new for the neighboring states of south India to fight over water. In the south, Tamil Nadu is water deficit state compared to the rest. Tamil Nadu needs water from all three of her neighbors to fulfill water demands for its people. Telugu Ganga from Andhra, Cauvery from Karnataka and Mullaiperiyar from Kerala.

Tamil Nadu was enjoying the tradition water since kingdoms but Cauvery was a problem even then. Karnata has increased the cultivable lands in Cauvery region per Tamil Nadu. Karnataka has started building dams since the last part of 60s. Tamil Nadu face water shortage for its Cauvery delta since then.

TN farmers fighting for Cauvery Photo courtesy: hindu.com

TN farmers fighting for Cauvery
Photo courtesy: hindu.com

Tamil Nadu was never under any national party since 1967. Both the national parties Indian National Congress (INC) and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) never helped Tamil nadu to resolve the problem. Karnataka was almost never under state party with very few exceptional years. Karnataka unit national parties act like state parties than the state parties of Tamil nadu.

Karnataka has decided to build one more dam across Cauvery. BJP at center has not really opened the mouth. But the Tamil Nadu State Unit of BJP is trying to control the damage. The Center may not think of appeasing Tamil Nadu. Already the ruling party chief needs support of Center for her judicial issues.

Tamil Nadu seems to be a loser almost every time. This time AIADMK did not join the farmers meet. But it has to act in favor of farmers to keep the sentiments of Tamil Nadu alive.

Tamil Nadu appointed Chief minister is walking on the string. He needs to appease the party chief and try to act as CM of the state. His role is more pathetic than anyone in Indian politics.

National Parties as usual will not make any good for the state. But it is war for Tamil Nadu parties to secure the livelihood of farmers.

There should be long term solution for farmers. Cauvery should not be politicized. Lets wait and watch.

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