Kashmir – Is It A Tamil Word?


It was few years back; few researchers claimed Jesus studied in the present day Kashmir. A research attributed to it states, the language spoken at that point of time in Kashmir seemed to be a dialect of the officially announced first classical language of India, Tamil. Though, there were not many debates over it, few felt Jesus might have spoken the dialect. Researchers from Tamil community who never miss any opportunity to take a deep dive into this published Jesus might have spoken Tamil.

I am not going to get deeper into the missing years of Jesus Christ in bible. I am touching another subject, which again touches Tamil. Tamil has influenced many languages. The recent doubt is Irish language. The word Kasi – another name of Varanasi, is a Tamil word stating place cut by two rivers. Seems, the word Kashmir also has some connection with Kasi (Kashi). Meeram means overcoming (meeruthal) in Tamil.

Geographically, Himalayas was a water body. Then it became a mountain. Kashmir was separated by the Asian plate by water body like Kasi. The water body due course of time became as mountain Himalayas. So, the word Kasi fits into that context. Here it becomes Kashi.

But at one point of time, Kashmir is untied with Land overcoming the partition made by water. Overcoming in Tamil has almost used in the context of violating or rebelling. The land overcame the partition which is said in Tamil by the word Meeram. Kashi meeram has become Kashi Meer and Kashi Meer becomes Kashmeer – Kashmir.

The researches about the missing years of Christ states a dialect of Tamil was living in Kashmir at the time of Jesus. This was published in a research based website called view-zone.

Though Tamil seems to have too much historical importance, the nation’s executive government does really not understand its value. Indians may get more proud, if quality research gets central government’s support.

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