Keeping Creativity Alive


Every one of us, me and you, have come through formal education streams. After schooling, entering into colleges has only changed the atmosphere but the way -or shall we put it methodology? – of learning greatly remains unaltered. What would be your honest answer for the question ‘What was the ultimate challenge you faced  throughout your student life?’

I kept asking this question to myself and without much time I came out with an answer, almost instantly, in fact. And you read it as the title of this post. I firmly believe that many of you, perhaps all, would certainly second this. Years ago in my teens I came across a quote in a T-shirt which went like this “ I was born genius. But education ruined me.” Over the years this became a favourite among students and I’ve been seeing some youngster wearing this every now and then.


No to Creativity


Education in the twenty first century has become more rigid than ever, where the goals of the entire system seem too narrow. Posing and reiterating that one of its primary agendas being student-centered approach, the current education system moves exactly in the opposite direction. The ultimate goal of education is realized nothing more than the road to successful career promising financial prosperity. This public opinion has already become a demand trusted upon the educational institutions and in the past twenty five years, they have bowed down and destined to make the student to realize this. It has now become the crux of the entire process of educating the younger generation.

Rather than developing the curriculum that might serve the need of the students, the students are forced to fit themselves into the designed curriculum. Scissoring the creativity of a child is done at the primary level of education itself. Students in their early days in school are forced to do everything as instructed giving no room for individual creative approaches. Ironically they are blamed for their lack of creativity in later years.


Einstein's Quote on Edu


Herd mentality groomed at the early stages of education is only trained in the school level. Yet a student who is a product of such making is expected to think out-of-the-box once he/she steps out to face the real world. No irony could be funnier than this, but needless to say that’s what our education system is doing for decades and in fact is more proud about it.

The urgency to revamp the education methodology at every level is intensely felt across all quarters. Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learnt in school’, said Albert Einstein. Thinking of what actually remains now will not lead us to happier answers for sure.

Luckily my creativity survived formal education but not many have been blessed with this gift. Keeping the lamp of creativity burning inside you is one of the biggest challenges of contemporary student life.

Can anyone deny?


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  • Education system needs to be more attractive and innovative for good results.Thank for Sharing this nice post.