Kejriwal plans a ‘Nayak’ thing!

Arvind Kejriwal


What Kejriwal has begun to do today is something reels turning real? The AAP whose fundamental agenda is to curb corruption from the Indian sub continent has taken its maiden steps in action, beginning to roll out its promises on paper. Having promised the Delhi public of an anti-corruption helpline yesterday (Kejriwal had announced setting up of the helpline (011-27357169) on Thursday to receive any complaint of corruption and irregularity), today he set his ears to the helpline. The response from the public was unprecedented and overwhelming that the helpline registered a record 4000 calls on day one, almost in duration of just 7 hours that the administration is pushed to mull over deploying more staff to attend the lines.

Back in 2001 a Bollywood flick “Nayak : The Real Hero”  which tells the story of a media personality who when offered to be the CM of Maharashtra for one day, bites the offer. I remember my father who saw this flick while it was aired on TV said sighing, “This looks very fine. It would be nice if it turns real, but this would happen only in cinema”. He just mirrored the common opinion of the minds of a legion of Indian citizens.

Having realized today’s situation Kejriwal now plans to sit on the street to attend the calls. Director S.Shankar who made the film here mentioned, not in his wildest dream would’ve imagined that one day the scene from his movie would become real.

The Delhi CM has told a press conference that the ministers would sit in the street outside the secretariat from 9.30am to 11am every Saturday. I think of calling my father to tell him that the cinematic sequence which he believed would never become a reality has begun to see the light of its day.

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