KISS – We decided to


It was a night I and She were speaking together. At last we touched the topic we never dreamt to discuss until then. I was the one to open up that page. Though it was not a need of the hour at the point of time, perhaps she might thought it was wrong topic in that night.

After speaking about Shoba De’s writings; Chetan Baghat’s  2 states and few ,we touched this topic. Little bit of Aam Aadmi Party was also in the cocktail speech.

I felt it was just a part of the speech. She initially did not like the idea. The Time was around mid night.We started with Taj. Yes! We started speaking about the security concerns for common public in India – the Attacks which are yet not completely muted or eradicated.

Like me she was also concerned. She did say the Indian youth are getting trapped in alien’s hand for these operations. Not so, I thought.

The poverty and incorrect understanding of the sections of people were the main reasons for the attacks. I thought it is incorrect policy of internal security. Perhaps, knowledge gap is also a reason.

What to do for this? The question reached the table of us. It should have been bed unfortunately; we were speaking in our living room.

Can’t we start a knowledge movement for this? Information is wealth.

We thought of a name. I did Say ‘KISS’.

“Kiss?  – naughty you are” She replied.

I said no ‘KISS is abbreviation of Keeping India Smiling Safely’. She liked it. We kissed in paper – I meant we started thinking of keeping KISS(keeping India Smiling Safely) at least in paper, though it is the job of defense ministry and home ministry.

We are still looking for an image to propagate KISS. We are formulating its motives. Not sure – it will be short lived.

Let’s think of KISS’ing…. The night is romantic! To keep it romantic let’s make the nation safe for Women and all.

I am KISS’ing.


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