Do you know Her?

do you know her


Never has she opened up.

Began her life obeying her Dad

Obeying her elders

Walked around with societal norms pressing her

Never walked alone ever since she blossomed

Few pairs of ogling eyes followed her way

The path she walked was already made for her

Never has she been allowed to leave trails

Nor make her path


Growing up, nothing more than

A rolling ritual of the time wheel

The power of the father

Passed on to her husband

Coached to oblige him

Later joined the son

To carry on the legacy of Dominance


Never has she been her

All her

Ever in her life

You might have fathered her

Might’ve married her

Might’ve swarm in her womb

Have you ever met her on your way?

Have you ever let her be on her way?



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