Land Acquisition Bill –Neocolonialism?



It is not easy for any government in India to be socialist or communist, even if they want to be. On the contrary, it is easy to be pro-capitalist. Pro-capitalism is sometimes called as pro-reforms or pro development. Congress begun this legacy from the period of former prime minister Narashima Rao.

The first move was globalization. Bringing every corporate into worlds best fertile land and largest democracy. Few states in India are by and large more fertile and cultivable.

The manufactures from chips to cars need land to stand. No wonder, India continued to serve with  British India laws to grab lands by the name of government.

This was the case from the day Nehru ruled the nation under the idea of foreseen socialist republic. Nehru was failing in all attempts to make India a socialist republic. Indira his daughter and one of the prime minister nationalized two decade of large corporate banks. But the move was more communist than socialist in nature. She became a dictator with emergency.

Except the above mentioned two, no Prime Minister have tried to be against the richest of the nation.

Now, India is world’s market. Indian government want to serve corporates of the world. But unfortunately, the previous government has restricted land grabbing under the label of the state.

It has become the need of the hour for the new government to bring ordinance and to make neocolonialism law .. The land bill. Most sections of this bill reminds East India company and colonial British India.

It is better to stop this at the beginning.

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