Learning a new language


It is a new environment and new people for quite some time. I am in center of Europe, where my knowledge in English will not help me anywhere out of my work.

It was a cold breezy early morning some months back, when I lost the way to reach the building for some government legalities. I was stuck.

I tried to get the path, when my phone did not help. Gadgets will make you live in your own world. I reached a person in a commercial building and asked for the building address. He asked me to speak in French and said he cannot speak English. His option number two was Dutch. Otherwise to say, English did not stay in his option list.

That is the day, I thought – I at least has to learn basic French or Dutch.  But I stopped searching my path in non-peak hours and my phone became smarter.

But I have again started learning a new language. It is better to know as much language as possible. My project support officer can speak in five languages at least. One of India’s former prime ministers P V Narasimha Rao is famous for multi-language skills.

We miss to understand the value of languages. Languages are carrier of culture and just not medium of communication.

When you learn languages, you learn the culture and nuances of the culture it belong to. Everywhere is not home.

Opposition to learn any language is not a better idea. At the same time, forcibly making languages to be learnt is not a correct idea.

As Youtube and other gadgets are there, I have started learning French now. But, I will go to formal French or Dutch training sooner.

I am trying greet French people in French ‘Bon jour’. The better time to learn multiple languages is when you are kid. It is better learn an European language which would open doors to the world.

As traveler, I like to travel to multiple places – where languages make huge difference.

Stay connected to the world with non-English too. Learning is the best hobby.

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