Look Over Content


Education is more influential in shaping one’s behavior than we’ve ever imagined. Something that might look very trivial to us now might have a greater impact on our entire outlook and our personality on the whole. The way we learn, I believe, is one of the best tools to trace the changes we undergo and an easier way to observe our attitudinal changes.

The behavioral changes in human society influences the way we learn too. Our aspirations and the outlook of life on the whole make phenomenal changes in the learning process. Let me put this with a very common and simple example.

Years back while I was still in my student’s life, hardly have I heard about whiteners or ink removing solutions. Nor I had the habit of using multi color pens to present my answers in a more decorative way. Now as a teacher I always silently keep comparing the way the present students’ are- their approach, outlooks and beliefs- to that of mine. It’s been an interesting observation or a personal psychological exercise.

I also see many teachers and pupils keep insisting upon the so called ‘presentation’ of the answers in the answer script. In the present mark oriented learning, this is one of the core ideas, much talked about and much advised about. Most of the people assume presentation is something that has to do with the visual presentation of the answers- the beautification of it to be precise. Good handwriting, spacing and decorating with multiple colors all that stuff. Everyone cares for presentations but the personal definition of it is where the differences arise.

Now let me shoot the question to you. Just reel back to your student’s life and ask yourself the answer to this. Was it the content or the look that took the prime position in your idea about presentation?

Many advices keep reaching us reiterating ‘content is the king’. Yet, we keep on concentrating the looks most of the time. The funniest part of teaching profession could be none other than evaluating the answer scripts and every teacher is observing the change in the trend. (In most cases they are the causes for it). Over the years the content has taken the back seat and more attention is given to the looks which are often defined as the definition of presentation.


Igor Morski's Surrealistic painting


At the first place it might seem ordinary and trivial. In the post-globalized world, an individual’s attitude and approach towards life has phenomenally changed. People in general are more worried, or keen, in presenting themselves better e to others rather than what they really are from inside. Majority of us take more attention to show the world that we are ok, whatsoever we are within. Every single thing in our life is connected with the core personality of ourselves and the changes in the personality change everything in us at every level.

Pupils’ psychology has now changed a lot and the elder generation is responsible for it, mostly. Students take much care to beautify their answers while least attention is paid in the content wise quality of those answers. This attitude later in their lives morphs into making them as an individual who appears perfect and complete from outside yet so void inside.



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