Mac’s Apple: Honor to Allan Turing?


It was a more artistic suicide in the history of IT world. One of the great intellectuals died because of the nature’s mistake of his body which was holding one of the worlds’ greatest thinking minds.

I know Allan Turing (1912-54) for multiple reasons and he was introduced to me at multiple times for multiple interesting topics.

Allan Turing was introduced to me when I started studying the concept of general computer science. Perhaps the idea of Turing machine was not an easy thing for my brain to understand. The reason could be my professor or my brain.

Again Allan was introduced to me, when I came to know about his mom, who had connection with the coastal state of India – Tamil Nadu. It was believed Allan’s mom stayed in Tamil Nadu with Allan when he was young. There was a misconception at the beginning that Allan was born in India.

Third time, Allan was introduced to me with the connection of Mac’s Apple. Fourth time, when Coonor bungalow in which Allan might have stayed with his Mom –was bought by Nandan nilakeni of Infosys.


On all four times, I was thinking about this great man for not getting the honor he was supposed to get.

It was Charles Babbage, every one as the father of computers. But the fact is the present general purpose computers are ruled by the father of artificial intelligence – Allan Turing.

The Turing machine concept which laid strong basement for the present day algorithms and flowcharts get no credit in the mind of IT developers.

Allan worked as cryptanalyst during World War II. If you are an Indian – I can easily explain who a cryptanalyst is? Rishi, a character sketched by south Indian novelist Sujatha for a movie story called Roja looks to be inspired by Allan Turing. Rishi was the role played by young and handsome Arvind swamy in the national award winning Mani Ratnam directed Tamil movie which revolve around the Kashmir insurgency.

Rishi explains to his Gav-vali new wife (otherwise called as ‘En Arumai Pattikkade’ – Oh! My favorite village) about his job – I code and decode; break the code – I am cryptanalyst.

Allan was a code breaker. Allan worked in Government Code and Cypher School (GC & CS) of United Kingdom. He was a homosexual. He was punished for the sin of being homosexual.

Allan decided to die for the sake of being homosexual. Though his family termed it as accident, looks like he has chosen his path of end.

Alan Turing's Memorial situated in the Sackville Park in Manchester, England

Alan Turing’s Memorial situated in the Sackville Park in Manchester, England

Allan was artistic and creative as his scientific thoughts. Allan had cyanide in an apple. He tasted it and tasted the death.

The Apple of Mac, which has bitten may not be inspired by Allan. But it makes me to think about Allan. I think Steve Jobs once said, it (bitten apple) was not intended – but if it honors Allan, I am glad.

Allan was the first man to land in general purpose computers. Adam was the first man to land in multipurpose world. Allan died of apple. Adam came to world because of Apple. Apple rules the human world.


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