Madras Cafe: What is in it?

Bollywood actor John Abraham is back with his another production venture. He has come up with Madras Cafe, a Bollywood movie. The movie may not be a Madras cut movie of Bollywood, instead it speaks about RAW operations, India had in the island nation Sri Lanka, its on and off friend.

madras cafeViacom and Mr.Abraham have together produced the movie. Mr Shoojith Sircar  after delivering the successful Vicky donor is back with the political Spy-thriller with the back drop of Tamil-Sinhala war front instead of Indo-Pak War atmosphere.

The idea of choosing this backdrop is innovative and is courageous too. The movie slated for its release in Tamil has already invited heated oppositions from the Tamil Eelam supporters camp.. Tamil Nadu and North of Sri Lanka speak same language. These regions are  separated within a few kilo meters by sea in the Palk strait.

The Actor has called the movie does not brand anyone as terrorist. He has said it is neither Pro nor Anti to anyone. There are calls in Tamil Nadu by few groups and parties to ban the movie in Tamil Nadu. given that Srilankan Tamil issue has been misunderstood across the nation leaving few south Indian states.

If the movie is carrying an incorrect message – it has to be rectified for whole of the country and not for Tamils alone. Tamils at least have good amount of information along with misinformation about the issue.

Mr Sircar has to be appreciated for taking such a bold theme for his movie. But the nation has never understood the Tamil issue in its full length and breadth. One has to wait today to see ( the movie hits the screen across India today) if Sircar has walked the tight rope correctly are not.

Actor Abraham is acting as RAW(India’s CIA) agent. He works as an undercover agent to take up covert actions in the island. IPKF episode and LTTE chapter is embedded in the movie.

There are allegations against the Actor stating the movie was secretly funded by the president of the island. The Actor has already rubbished the allegation.

The movie may give an opportunity for the nation to gather national attention and debate again over the issue of the island nation.

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