The Malala Magic – Part – II

In the following summer, the documentary made about her, in the backdrop of the Second battle of Swat, by the New York Times, turned the limelight over the one of the youngest activist the world had ever known. Later she came out of her veil of anonymity and voiced for the Educational rights of the women, through the media. Together with her popularity grew the voices of condemnation over the Talibans barbaric militant rule. This was not affirmed by the Talibans, for sure.

        Malala In Hospital


As a gift for speaking the truth and standing for justice Malala was gifted with bullets last October on her way home, back from school in her school bus. The Talibans miscalculated that the bullets would take her breath away and silence the opposition. What the bullet had taken indeed was her fear. She was flown to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital, UK, for intensive rehabilitation.

Soon the Malala fire caught the hearts of million around the world and the voice for Women’s right in regions ruled by radical Islamism intense. Former British Prime Minister and current U.N. Special Envoy for Global Education, Gordon Brown took forward the “ I am Malala” campaign that saw its fruition creating a wide spread awareness on the issue of  Denial of Women’s education by the Radical Islamists.

 UN Malala Education for All


The birthday of the teen had become the “Malala Day” now in remembrance of her perseverance on fighting against the oppression and her continual voice for Women’s educational rights. Yesterday, on the first Malala day she addressed a group of about 1000 children in the Youth Assembly, at the UN.

In her first speech since the Taliban attack, she said “Let us Pick up books and pens. They are our most powerful weapons. One child, one teacher, one pen and one book can change the world. Education is the only solution.” The words of her brevity were received with several standing ovations.

Thanks to the Talibans, for they made the world (and even Malala herself) identify the revolutionary in Malala. Last year the TIMES identified Malala Yousafzai as one of the 100 most influential people in the world, which otherwise was usually crowded with politicians and business moguls.

In the novel ‘Kafka on the Shore” the protagonist would reiterate to himself “You are the toughest 15 year old in the world”. Whenever we think of this, at present, the image of Malala flashes.

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