The Malala Magic – Part – I

A teenager from Pakistan would have never imagined celebrating her birthday in New York. Neither did Malala Yousafzai. Not in her wildest dreams. Malala was born in the town of Mingora, of the remote North – West Frontier Province in the Swat Valley of Pakistan on July 12th, 1997. She lived in a milieu where women’s rights were at risk, challenged by the fundamentalist Taliban militants. Rest of the world was cut by the Taliban regime and the world was shunned from learning the realities in the region.

Malala-YousafzaiA BBC reporter of Pakistan was desperately looking for some girl from the school would write on the realities for BBC Urdu to Ziauddin, the father of Malala Yousafzai. It was a hard ime in the Swat valley, under the Taliban regime headed by Maulana Fazlullah. He had benned Television, Music and Educating Women in the valley. It was at this moment of turmoil Yousafzai took up the task of writing for BBC.

As a eleven year old Kid, Malala took blogging as her medium and blogged under a pseudonym. Her word threw light on the harsh realities of the locality where the Women’s right to education was put at high risk by the fundamentalists. Through Malala  Yousufzai, the world came to know about the ground realities.  A girl turned into a Women educational rights activist. Malala did what no Muslim woman would dare to; raising a voice against religious fundamentalism and male chauvinism. She became the personification of the numerous inner cravings of the women in the Muslim world, where women’s rights are suppressed by the merciless hands of religious fundamentalism.



Her blog, started by 2009, became her face to the world. Through the blog she wrote for the BBC  she gave the first hand accounts of the happenings of the Swat Valley highlighting the sufferings of the people under Taliban rule and their attempts to take control over the valley. Her accounts are also of immense political importance. The media, through Malala, began to know about the forbidden region controlled by Taliban.

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