The Man who ended one party rule in India


Most of the time we forget the man who changed the Indian politics upside down. Yes! Upside down. Before his government – it was Uttar Pradesh, which was deciding india’s Prime ministers. It was him who came from Uttar Pradesh changed the formula. Now, India is deciding India’s Prime minister.

He was called Vishwanath Pratap Singh. Mr V P Singh imported coalition government and the idea of major alliances with common minimum program.

V P Singh ended one party rule. Once Sekhar Gupta of Indian Express called him as ‘not retired and not tired’

He was instrumental in making India federal from Union. He was the man, who made south Indian parties like TDP and DMK to guide the nation’s government. The Sweep state of india, Tamil Nadu was not taken into consideration before his rule.

VP Singh with NT Rama Rao of Andhra’s Telugu Desam Party and Murasoli Maran of Tamil Nadu’s Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam

Congress and BJP will never credit him. But they have no choice other than to walk in the footsteps of VP Singh.

VP Singh was a chief minister of Uttar Pradesh and successful in making the state safer from naxalites, it was considered as Himalayan task.

VP Singh was a finance minister to open up flow of gold and forex into India. He relaxed gold control in the nation.

VP Singh was one of the defence ministers who were not involved in scams. George Fernandez of NDA and Krishna Menon of Congress are famous for their handling of defence ministry of the nation. The first did scam in coffins and the second did scam in jeeps.

VP Singh called for federalism, which is still work in progress. The nation is made forget Mr VP Singh.But the leaders know, they are following him.

It is pretty sure – the next government is also going to be a coalition government while the first was experimented by National front by V P Singh.


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