He-Man never watched TV


I heard a nice conservation today. Though the conversation was not with me, I did heard it with all the privacy rules served. I am aware of keyhole morals.

It was a telephone chat between a young father and his daughter who is aged three. He asked, did you play physically and did you feel good. Seems the girl on the other end replied positively. Instead of throwing a question to the kid, the father did made statement stating that He-Man never watched TV. That is the secret behind his health, and his physic is best because of physical activities.

I was amazed by the way the father tried to put the kid in playground to play. The physical activities are day by day reducing in the urbanized world. People land in blue color jobs or white color jobs become luxurious patients sooner or later.

The Computer games are not the games for the body. The need of the hour is to get into physical activities. One of my long term friends has bought play-station for his kid to play.

I still don’t prefer XBOX or the same sort of games. The macho games like American football cannot be recommended to all in the world but games needs to played with full involvement of mind and body. While Dieting tops lot of people for well being, we need to be aware that sportive nature has to be with us.

Leaving sports to school days and have life in different line is not a good idea for anyone in the world. I have seen people working for 12 hours a day and call that had helped him to walk on the ladder. He serves as a director in a well known company of the world.

The Indian Curriculum system is more of books and nothing to sports. No Indian is against it by deeds but a lot are against in principle. The funniest thing is Urban educated Indians calling India is not winning any medal in Olympics because of political class of the nations. Indians are best critics of others and bad self examiners.


Now, the girl asked the father – If I don’t see TV, how can I see HE-MAN. The Father said, HE-MAN will come to our house if you start reduce watching the TV. Not sure this is a correct way to handle. But I really liked the intention of the father.

HE-MAN did never watch TV. WE MEN did never lose the habit of watching the TV.


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