Managing Mental Blackouts



You might be someone who has your grey matter ever alert, ready for anything. Every one of us wishes for a sharper mind able to tackle any problem. We indulge ourselves in training brain for mental alertness. We hone our Logical thinking, reasoning, problem solving ability and related skills trough brain workouts, solving brain teasers and so on.

Despite all the training there are also moments when we feel marooned, our brain switching to log out mode. All our attempts to put it back on track may fail and the mind is adamant to bounce back to normalcy. You might least bother if you encounter mental blackouts at trivial moments. But in case if your grey matter lets you down at most crucial moments, you’ll find yourself in serious predicament.




# Let’s think of some simple and practical ways of getting over mental blackouts. Some of the following may be suggestions and some might be simple questions that you need to ask yourself.

# Are you working without breaks? Your mind, however sharp will dwindle while subjected to continual work pressure.

# Are you indulging yourself in the same kind of work hours, at a stretch? Working on a similar task would make your brain work for longer hours in the same way.

# There are moments when all of us have struggled to make decisions. Better decisions come from a quite mind. Taking a nap or getting some sleep would often prove wonders. A mind, afresh, after a sleep would be more alert and focused.

# Neurology has offered wonderful insights in the recent years in understanding the functions of the brain. Every time when we pressurize our brain for making a decision, the neural activities follow a signature set pattern during processing. So when you’re desperate in finding a solution for something, yet don’t find it, just give a break. Think something else for a while. Often great solutions have stroked human beings out of the blue. History can supply examples aplenty for this.




# Stop panicking if you aren’t able to fish s better solution, at crucial moments. Panicking will not help you in any way, but will only worsen the situation.

#Go out. Get some fresh air. Hang out with friends and family. Diverting your mind from your work routine will be fruitful. You’ll notice the change in mental performance once you get back after relaxing. This will be more useful to students and people whose work involves reading and writing.

# Giving your mind a creative twist between your schedules is appreciable. Listening to music is something that all of us can do. Never mind to dance to the beats if you feel like. Dancing is one of the most efficient ways of relieving your stress and reenergizing the body and mind.


These are some of the simplest do-it-yourself stuff that came into my mind. You might sure have more suggestions than these few. If you’ve do share them with us.


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