Marks – Mere Numbers


Heavy traffic on Monday morning or a Friday evening is quite common. But heavy traffic on Thursday morning is freaky. The latter is not the road traffic but the internet traffic. Yes, X class results were out and huge response from students and parents to see the marks. Its funny to stand outside a internet center this time as a spectator. One dad says 480 ..phew for nothing. Seriously !!!!

Another mom says my girl has got 490 and she will create record during XII. Predictions huh!!!

Two friends are discussing,

Student 1 – Dude I got only 440 and you?

Student 2 – I got 455 da.

Student 3 – Good da you made above 90% . Congrats.My dad would have been happy if I would have made that 90%

Oh Goodness gracious. A class X student is just 16 years old. This much pressure is something he cant handle. Why no one believes the practicality that marks are mere numbers and has no big impact on their future.

Anxious student

This same attitude is being taken to the next levels by all Indians even in their professional life. I was once attending a management training program for a class of 10 associates which followed an exit test. Pass mark is 50%. The trainer finished his extraordinary session and conducted the test. After a break, the test results were being read out by the trainer. The first mark was 94% and the associate who got that 94% was extremely happy and showed an attitude of competing and winning ahead of others. The trainer observed this and wanted to prove him that he is no bigger than any one because of his marks and instantly asked the class “Who scored above 90%?” Three associates stood up. Good

He continued, “Who scored above 75% but below 90%?” Three associates stood up. He said Good

He further continued, “Who scored above 50% but below 75%?” Four associates stood up. He said Good

The trainer concluded by saying, Guys I am proud of all of you as all 10 associates passed the test which is a victory for my training and you all are equal as the certificate I am going to issue would just say You cleared the test and it would not mention your marks (Just like any professional certification). Within a minute, the topper was ashamed of himself for his attitude.

Marks are important and scoring high is very vital but pressuring for it is cruel. A kinder garden student abroad in western countries learn to play, learn the discipline and learn the soft skill of moving with other kids. No big curriculum or no pressure of homework or marks. In India, even if school doesn’t demand, parents want their kid to be ahead of other kids. A kid in my street of age 7 goes to 3 extra curricular classes like Hindi tuition, Vedic Maths and Sloka class on top of his school hours. Buy Why? Where is the time to play? Where is the time to spend with family?  Seems these play and family time are unimportant. The difference between previous generation and now is that , in previous generation, parents decide their kid’s line of interest without even asking a word to them.

Now, parents ask the kids their interest but due to peer pressure and fear of deviating from the usual they decide their kid’s line of interest themselves just like the previous generation.

When we can encourage Pizza Hut and McD, why are we blind to western way of practical education?

When we can make the movie 3 idiots a blockbuster why cant we adapt the concept told in it?

Crazy !!!

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  • Very pertinent questions rised…why are we in awe of everything western except their way of education that entails questioning and reasoning. I haven;t found the answer yet.