The Matrix (1999) – Follow the White Rabbit


This is a film that needs no introduction to any flick fan of the 21st century. The Matrix is one of the most widely viewed films across the world, yet less understood work -a sweet bizarre irony. But much of its bizarreness can only be credited to the complexity of the film content. It is one of the rarest Sci-fi movies that have a perfect mix of Science and Eastern Mysticism. It is one of the best examples for Postmodernist Cyberpunk movies, often cited along with Ridly Scott’s “The Blade Runner” (1982).

The main success of the movie which I feel is the plot design. This is a movie that has an ample dose of Physics, Computer Science, Philosophy and religious allegorical references packed tight into one. Yet, for those who can’t render themselves to such complexities can simply sit back and enjoy it equally as an action thriller. Thus the films caters the needs of both types of audiences that offers an experience as either one of the greatest sci-fi films ever seen or a film that leaves one with a memoirs of mind boggling action and visual effects.


The story pivots around Thomas A. Anderson a programmer in a reputed software company by the day who leads a double life as a Hacker after his work going by the name Neo. He always has an intuition that something totally is wrong about his entire life. A cryptic message that flashes in his computer leads him to a night club where he is received by the infamous hacker Trinity. She guides him to Morpheus.  He is ready to unfold the reality about the ‘Matrix’ to Neo if he wishes. Neo chooses to know the truth behind Matrix.

Here is the background of the story. Somewhere in the early 21st century the human race gathered together to celebrate their marvel at their own magnificence in creating the AI (Artificial Intelligence). AI enables the machines to think on their own cementing the difference between human beings and them. This spawns the whole breed of machines and they no more require the human support for existence hence get out from the clutches of human control. The unchallenged human race on earth for centuries is confronted by the machines that they had created. It is never possible for two equally powerful species to co- exist. So the Darwinian dice of survival of the fittest gets sprawled.


Though machines evolve equally powerful on par with the human beings they rely on solar power for their survival. Hence the Homo sapiens mar the sky blocking the Sun rays reaching the Earth surface in the mid of the battle – that none know who initiated, machines or men – hoping to win over their enemies. It is at this moment the machines find a way for their immortality through humans.

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