The Matrix (1999) – The Rebellions and the Agents

The actual conflict in the story is between men and machines; Morpheus and his team representing the human side and the Agent Smith and his men (!) for the other. To understand the plot one has to understand what they are fighting for. Morpheus reveals Neo in one of their conversations, that they have the night before the training simulation.

Through him we learn the ‘before’ story. When the Matrix was first build, there was a man (identity of whom is undisclosed) who was born in the Matrix and he had the ability to change the Matrix as he saw fit. Morpheus divulges to Neo that he freed the first group of men from it, among whom he was one. After his death, they wait for his return ‘The One’, searching endlessly inside the Matrix. The freed men dwell in ‘Zion’ the last human city that remains on the Earth, deep under the Earth nearer to the core.

MatrixMorpheus and men freed by him roam in the real world, in ‘Nebuchdnnezzar’, a hover craft, in pursuit of tracing ‘The One’. They broadcast their pirate signal and hack into Matrix and have secret gateways built to move in and out of the Matrix at will. The chief operator named ‘Tank’ who always stays back in the ship, while others are in action inside the Matrix, leaving their bodies back in the ship. He hacks telephone lines and arranges for the tailored paths through these lines and teleports them back to the pavilion.

The machines are aware of their unauthorized movements in and out of the Matrix and the sentient machines are constantly in patrol. So Morpheus and team having left with no choice play hide-and-seek with them all the time. There are Agents for the machines, the sentient programmes that have the capacity to move in out of any system inside the Matrix. Agent Smith heads the team and badly wants Morpheus. Having conquered everything sparing the Zion, the machines need to claim their supremacy. For which they need to enter into Zion and destroy it. Zion will be out of reach unless the machines are capable of hacking into the Mainframe computer that guards Zion, the key for which is with Morpheus.


They enter into the Matrix taking Neo along, to meet ‘the Oracle’, a prophesier. Disillusioned by the sophistications of the Matrix, though unreal, Cypher one of Morpheus’ men plays a double agent hinting about their whereabouts inside the Matrix to the Agents. This leads to a battle between them in which Morpheus opts for his own abduction to save Neo, whom he unshakably believes as ‘The One’. Getting back to the ship, Neo braves to go back inside, to save Morpheus, with whom Trinity forcibly joins. In what turns out to be a breath taking action block, Neo accomplishes his task, saving Morpheus.



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