The Matrix (1999) – There is no spoon

Viewers who don’t get to understand the makeup of the Matrix, would either complain that the action sequences defy logic that showcases super human powers of the protagonist and his accompanies, or would suspend them as yet another no-brainier action flick.

The rules and principles of physics doesn’t imply to anything inside the Matrix. Yet, that is where the trick of genius gets played. Though the rules are no more valid inside the Matrix, the human minds trapped inside it are not aware of it, for they believe the fabricated simulations as the reality.


Hence people inside the Matrix aren’t aware of the possibilities of bending the rules of nature, or even perhaps breaking them. All the training simulations given to Neo by Morpheus are not to equip Neo to be the One, but to free his mind. In fact anyone who can free himself from the clutches of thoughts shares the possibility of being ‘the one’ inside the Matrix. But getting rid of the primordial association of the sense of reality and understanding what exists inside the Matrix is augmented reality is far from the comprehension of any mind inside this digital prison.


The art of mind control enables one to act beyond the so-believed human possibilities with effecting cognizance of mind-body relationship. Eastern mysticism has been advocating this for ages. It reiterates one who knows to control and utilize his inner power that has mystical union with the universal power gains the possibilities of doing things that are way beyond the pre-defined human capabilities.

A logical doubt will certainly surface at our minds in tryst with sanity. If everything is possible inside the Matrix and all one needs is to mentally believe in it, couldn’t it make one immortal, for the truth is there can’t be death for a residual self image? The same question is raised by Neo to Morpheus while he spots blood from his mouth after the jumping training says, “ I thought it wasn’t real?”

Morpheus replies, “Your mind makes it real”.

“If you’re killed in the Matrix… you die here?” enquires Neo.

“The body cannot live without the mind.” This reply from Morpheus is very important for comprehension of the story.


Matrix is a constructed reality where no longer any rule of the real world implies to. The scientific justification of the anti-gravity stunts and super-man-jumps are backed up by this. While Neo waits for his maiden visit with the Oracle, he watches the potential kids playing in a room. A little girl bends the spoon with the power of her mind. While she urges the curious Neo to try it she just replies, “Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead, only try to realize the truth.”

“What truth?” asks the even more curious Neo.

She just replies, “There is no spoon”. She adds, “Then you’ll see that it is not the spoon that really bends. It is only yourself”.  Here she means to say the cosmic unison that a human being has, as advocated by this school of thought.


At the penultimate act Neo realizes this truth that enables him to view the Matrix, for that first time, as it really is. Only then he is mentally capable of realizing Agent Smith is indeed a sentient programme and this realization enables him to destroy it.

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