Meet the Meat! – ‘’Hail the BJP! Boil me at BP’’



Hey, I am meat – most of you guys are reading about me almost daily in news papers after the new Hindu nationalist BJP Government lead by Mr. Narendra Damodar Dass Modi came to power. I was asked not make any presence citing the reason of Jains. Now, COW meat …. Wow, BJP thinks almost like an atom bomb. You may get killed for having that in freezer. Not even to have that in freezer – at least a look alike will invite uncultured, barbaric death to you. Be careful.

A Muslim meat eater was killed in UP. UP is being ruled by Samajwadi Party – not BJP. Anti-Meat gang is happy everywhere now. Not only Anti-Meat gang, but any pro-Hindu nationalist is happy for that matter. Land of Dravidian Atheist Periyar’s soil faced heat for calling a discussion on Mangal Sutra.

Anyhow, it is difficult to change India in 5 years of time. But the chaos are getting more and more day by day. Instead of governing the country, the government is deciding your food plate. Government is not sitting in Delhi – it is sitting in your dining table. A stats state most of the vegetarians live in India but co-exist with meat eaters with no issues. But now, the equation of co-existence is  getting more and more troublesome.  They banned porn – I mean they came to your bed room. They are banning meat – I mean they came to your dinning room.

On all the notes, Indian government is doing good at its business in parallel with government duties. But this chaos has to be stopped. You can campaign for vegetarianism but you can’t compel it. Vegetables have a lot of good – Government can advertise it but should not allow people to kill each other.

Bye, It is time up. I am boiling at boiling point. May disappear soon.

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  • Arun Prasadh

    If you watch paid media every day this is what will happen. Switch off TV and turn to other source for news :). When BJP rules at center and some nonsense happens in state then center is at fault. If you apply same logic in 2002 Congress was ruling at center. Will you blame Congress for 2002?