Is Microsoft, Soft on Nokia Deal?


Speaking about IT companies has become a part and parcel of my life. The multi-ethnic IT culture is dominating my life. I have few from mobile development space in my friend circle. The newly added one in the list is a Project manager. She did work sometime back in Nokia office at Espoo Finland.

Nokia, the name of Finnish telecom device manufacturer was a great name in South Asia when they entered the market. Nokia was India’s favorite.

Things started changing. Nokia started a plant in India. But Nokia was not able to withstand in smart phone hungry population of Indian Youth.

Nokia tried its level best with improper planning in the field. Nokia and Motorola can be termed as good innovators who cannot innovate consistently.

Nokia at the last moment thought of tying the knot with Microsoft. But the question is will it save both?

Microsoft thought it would allow them to get into Mobile World. Though the low end Lumia is doing well, the overall result is not that great. Microsoft is at spot number 3 in the global Smart phones.

The real fact to be notified here at the moment is – Microsoft is in leadership crisis. There is already news running in popular media about the new CEO. Apple can take non-IT leaders into its Leadership quadrant, Microsoft too thinking of the same experiment.

The Former Boeing Chief Allan Mullaly is being a hot topic on the Microsoft CEO position. The Present CEO Steve Ballmer is leaving sooner as his tenure nearing end date, as per the agreed timeline. Mr.  Balmer wanted to transform Microsoft as a device company too. This logic is a fuzzy logic – only he can understand.

The Nokia is cleaver on other side; it saved the pay for paying Microsoft. Even after months the fuzzy deal has not given any sweet surprises.

A sinking captain took a sinking ship in his ship. Balmer took Nokia with him. A Bad Ring tone is ringing.


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