Mind your Mind!


Coming from a strong cultural family, I feel minding your mind is more important. Due course of time, I joined the gang of critics which little bit distorted the idea. I started looking at the grey portion of the white region. It was my grandmother, who taught the family to avoid using the word ‘empty’ instead she recommends the word ‘available but less’. My grandmother thought there is a huge impact of words you use in your mind. Salt, which is kept at the beginning of my south Indian family lunch daily, also has impacts per her. The white color of the salt pacifies you before start eating.  Few of my friends stated to me, taking food at time of anger may reduce the angry. Minding the mind is more important, every word has a vibe and the actions too.Mind The wall colorings used in my homes are either light green or light yellow thinking that would please the eyes and will keep you cool. Researchers stating green is good for eyes. Getting along with others with positive thoughts are more important. Your thoughts decide who you are than your physic. A psychologically strong mind can only drive physically strong body. A week psychology with good physic is of less use. My mother states life has to be ruled than to be survived. To rule the life, you need a strong mind. The Strong mind keeps you cooler and stronger. On parenting, few of my family elderly people stated to me, scolding a child is like scolding god. One of my friend in event management stated to me it is better to use the words ‘Do the other ’ instead of ‘don’t do this’. The psychology of kids hears don’t as do. Maintaining friendship with vibes is more important – few of my friends did say to me ‘I don’t know what you do, but we will be with you’. On a personal note, I have colleague who is always training me to speak only positive words. I am blessed. Keep your eyes closed for a moment and whisper to the mind – you are here to take care of its coolness.Let’s have a better time!

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