Mobiling everything: Need of the hour

Touchscreen smartphone with Earth globe

The World  is small and one now days,the world is in the palm of everyone. World is running virtually inside the hands of everyone.

An Indian myth says the universe was seen in the mouth of lord Krishna by her foster mom Yasoda. But the best thing is now you can see the world in your own hand.

When Computers came into picture – it was not open to the world. Even when it became public, it was user friendly when Windows came. Literally windows opened the world.

While windows opened the world in boxes, it was not possible to get into your hand. In mobile world, iOS and Android are ruling.

Symbian failed in the past. Windows is trying to still get into the leaders quadrant of Mobile users.

Most of the Smart phone users are either iOS or Android users. This intensifies the pressure of making everything androiding or iOSing.

Though anything can go web, can be consumed in mobile, smart phones needs their own layouts. Sharing web content is mostly done via plugins provided by the site owners – which are not uniform across the sites. There is no common framework or commonly accepted widgets though few are popular.

On the other hand, not most of the website providers give apps. In case of sharing anything on net via whatsapp or other application – you may probably need to copy the URL and paste it in your whatsapp message.

Androiding the mobile websites to an app is a necessary technic you need to follow when you goes mobile. Making any of the most usable applications as mobile apps is win win for users and the application providers.

best-android-appsMost of the news sites do this with no hesitation, but not the others. Though the crowd is getting increased it is not the same for all. Mainly the government applications are not Androided or iOSed.

World’s largest rail network runs in India. But it does not have a proper app to serve all your needs. Most governments fail in understanding the need of Mobile apps. Particularly, the countries in which mobile world is growing but the governments are not able to realize it.


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