MODI DAYS: 100+ ON, 100 Days GONE


The New government installed in New Delhi by middle of May of last year completed 100 days. The New government popped up with more expectations than any previous governments in the past.

The New government headed by Narendra Modi is not a unique one but a result of last scale scams by the preceding UPA government headed by Manmohan singh.

Manmohan singh is known for his silence, while Modi is known for his high decibel speeches. In the first innings of his tenure, Manmohan singh was considered as asset to congress. He was able to come to office back with lackluster image he had.

For Modi, this is first innings – he has too many challenges before him. Resolving these issues in 100 days is really a herculean task, which is difficult to achieve in red tape Indian Government machinery.

But unfortunately, the existing leg room for Modi pushes him to play Manmohan singh act II in few scenarios.

Undoubtedly,  Modi is charismatic and bolder than his predecessor.  Modi can utilize his skills to sort out few issues and can straightline few. But results are still expected.

Modi is trying to do better in foreign policy by and large. He spoke in Nepal and Japan. Seems, he is trying to do his level best. Boldly, He stopped talking to Pakistan.

When it comes to Black money, we are yet to see the sincerity of the government.

The Train fares hike which was opposed by Mamata and BJP in the past – is taken up by the government with no hesitation and seemed it was just political speech by BJP in the past. Really, Train fares needed hike long time back – Indian Railways was put under bleeding nature by BJP and others too. We can not find fault on UPA alone.

Coming to Internal affairs, For goodness  – we did not have any bomb blast or riots in the last 100 days. Modi is a sadbawna guy for now.

The first budget of the government did not deliver. It seemed to be dubbing of Chidambaram by Arun Jaitely to large extend.

Forcing of Sanskrit was not liked by intellectuals of other languages.

Not much price hike over agriculture products is a better sign.

These 100 days did not really give much Swadeshi prime minister, who copies Obama with no hesitation. But the 100 days are mixed.

Modi is UPA and NDA in his action.

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