MODI – Moun Mohan II?


He was famous for being more vocal than any politician in India. He himself called 53 inch chest Prime ministerial candidate. His party called Manmohan singh, the previous prime minister of the nation as Moun Mohan (Silent  Mohan). But I am not seeing the real ‘He’ after he came to power. His cabinet is dangerously more vocal than him. I am seeing the ACT II of Mr. Manmohan singh. Manmohan had compulsions. Mr.Singh was called as remote controlled prime minster. Mr. Sigh himself accepted Coalition compulsions. Few of Singh’s cabinet colleagues seconded it. But as a Prime minister Singh owed all the responsibility. End of the day the grand old party of the largest democracy was defeated with humiliating figures in the parliament.

Pic Courtesy: India Today

First five years of Manmohan singh was applauded, though most of the scams originated in UPA I. Manmohan singh were an asset for first years. That was how he was seen. But naturally, the cat came out of the bag. His integrity is unquestionable but his administration pathetically failed to control the scams.

Now, lets come to the new Manmohan singh of the nation; the ‘He’ I meant – called as Mr. Narendra Damodhar Modi. Mr Modi is not ready to open his mouth on Lalith Modi issue. The same with his predecessor he did not open his mouth against Robert Vadra. Mr. Modi is under coalition compulsion in Jammu  and Kashmir – Mufti rules, Modi’s brigade obeys passively. Mr. Modi is not able to open his mouth for any of the misdeeds of his own party high stalwarts.

Mr. Modi is being considered as asset by his party men. Mr. Modi’s government is not under scanner as there is no big scam broke. The same happened for first five years of Mr. Manmohan Singh. Mr. Singh was the first Non-Nehru family member to bounce back second time in the parliament. Mr. Modi may very well come again. May another episode of Manmohan singh would be enacted. We may come to learn large scale scams.

Only the label has changed – not the content. We can easily get disappointed.

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