Morning Sex: Best for Body

Mythically, ethically and scientifically – morning sex holds all the best. When you are awake for long time in night, you are really acting against the biological cycle of sleep and awake. This is not taken into consider by most. The mythical Indian ideology says – anything done in the early morning before 5 is considered as start for the best completion. The mythology calls it ‘brahma mukurtham – Best time to start’.

SEX is not bad thing or to be considered as dark feeling. It is natural. It is a need of the body.

SEX is one of the best cardio exercises. It is proven in science. There is a misunderstanding cardio exercise can solve all the physical issues. But it can do most goodness to the body. According to Queens University of Belfast of United Kingdom, Moring sex can render ample amount of best.
Arthritis can be eased in sex and it is being recommended for senior citizens of the world by physicians. SEX reduces chances for diabetes. This is most required for a country which is termed as diabetic capital of the world by few.SEX in the morning reduces laziness and provides the best beginning of the day.


People are afraid of mind, in case of having sex in the morning would lead interest to sex and not to work. But the fact of the matter, in case of having sex in the

morning, the prep is to have a best early sleep in the previous night.

The sleep may need to start around 8 in the night and can end by 3 or 4 in the morning. These may be highly impossible for the people working late night. But at least they can try these on the weekend days off.

SEX is good for health and it is a natural democratic medication by the body for the body of the body.

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