15th August of the year 1947, when Lord Louise Mount Batten created two common wealth independent nations of South Asia – he might not have thought INDIA may move, in the future, to United States sort of politics.

The 24×7 Indian media is projecting the Indian TO-BE Prime ministers of the nation in similar way, the United States politics of presidential polls are projected. Narendra Modi chants the mantra of Change – he thinks he can replicate the magic of Obama. The Congress’ Rahul Gandhi speaks about inclusive growth.

The Indian media is successful in copying American media. The Indian media want the system to be similar like United States of America.

The West minster parliament system which was inherited by India from its colonial masters is still alive in the nation. The Presidential format may help the media to gain TRP. But still India is not homogeneous. Both Rahul and Modi are really not pan-India figures.

A strong leadership was first tasted by the nation when Indira Gandhi ruled the nation. She was the only Male prime minister of the world’s largest democracy. No one after or before her was able to really strong enough to rule with boldness though there were blunders in her rule.

At present, Indian politics is living in a coalition era. Veteran leaders like Vajpayee did face the problem of coalition politics. The Coalition concept was successfully implemented by Viswanath Pratap Singh. But it failed with no full delivery. The only famous policy implementation by the first Indian coalition government was Mandal Commission report implementation.

V P Singh changed the system of politics, coalition is now accepted by both Congress and BJP as there were no choice. But they both don’t want prime minister from other parties. The coalition is really not democratic.

At this point of time, Indian media want a presidential form of politics. This is the same agenda which both the parties want. Moving India from WEST MINSTER parliamentary system from Presidential elections may put the regional aspirations in danger.

Federalism is most required in India, not a presidential form of election.


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