The Muslim Jesus


He was a great soul. He came down to earth to give the message of God. He was son of God.

There are too many perspectives about him. He was an Indian Student, a Buddhist monk, a prophet and Son of God. Jesus Christ, the founder of Christianity has more dimensions.

If you look Jesus Christ through the prism of religions – there are three perspectives at the minimum.  Per Christianity – son of god. Per Islam – a prophet. Per few – a Buddhist monk.

The article intends to see Jesus, the founder of Christianity via the prism of Muslim Quran. Quran calls Jesus as the prophet of God came down for children of Israel. Quran believes god never come down to earth and so his son, if exist.

Life story of Mary is more detailed in Quran than in bible.The Iranian Movie ‘The Blessed Saint Mary’ (Maryam al-Muqaddasah )is depiction of Islamic Mary in celluloid.

God offers support in her pain of delivering the Christ to world. Christ came to world to help the children of Israel per Quran. Per few understanding, Jesus came for Israel – not for the whole of world. For the rest of world, few prophets were already nominated. But Jesus did posses more powers than any other prophet. He will not come as another prophet again. Mohammed is the final prophet.

Jesus did posses more powers but executed those by the permission of God. Quran totally disagree with the trinity and believes in Tawhid(one god). Holy Quran believes in single god and trinity does not make sense to it. Jesus is part of trinity per the bible. Muslims consider calling Jesus as trinity a sin.

The Blessed Saint Marry: Iranian Movie Poster

Quran states Jesus will come again but will not be reborn. Quran states he will not nullify the fact Mohammed the last prophet. Instead he will come down.

Quran says, there was no crucifixion of Jesus.

The best part I liked is about the detailed account of Mary in Quran and calling Jesus as son of Mary (Ibn Maryam). But, Quran gives very little account about the disciples of Christ.

Though I intend not to write about Buddhist view on Jesus, it is believed the Buddhist monks groomed Jesus in India’s Kashmir and they believed he was one of the final Buddhas.

Whatever the matter of fact, I like Jesus because he advocates peace.

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