Naked Truth: A Reality Overruled

It was a hot mid day in Chennai, the capital city of coastal southern province of India – Tamil Nadu. There were slogans against an arrival of a holy man. The feminist groups were seeking ban of his bare body walk in the city. The monk was a Jain saint. After attaining saintliness he abandoned cotton or any attire.

Years rolled. After visiting the musee du louvre for two times within a span of twelve months, my thoughts are again hit by the nakedness of human beings.

Gomateshwara: The Jain God

Gomateshwara: The Jain God

Nakedness can be of no clothes or not hiding the physical structure of your body for multiple reasons. It can be reason to feel the world as the saint did. The other reason can be for darker instincts per the cultured world. Third one can be for business of body servicing.

The Naked Jain Saint, I did see him in a poster after some time – I did not feel anything bad. He was not attracting to me. He was a man with at most courage to live with no cloth and walk from north of India to south of India.

The heroines of the Movie world sometimes get into the business of exposing the body. Exposing the body is not the part of Saint’s idea. Exposing body can be for Sex, Eroticism and for self comfort for non-saints.s

Artistically the human body is carved. Nakedness is not simply nudity. Nudity is not the correct word to describe. The Tamil lexicon per my understanding says Nirvana(living with no covering for body) – the way to attain completeness is by abandon the clothes too. The Buddhism calls Maha pari Nirvana – the complete life’s end.

It is Marilyn Monroe’s skirt which dances to the tune of windblown by giant artificial man made electric fans which capture the mind of us. The reason is we are not near to Nirvana.

Merilyn: American beauty

Merilyn: American beauty

But liking Marilyn is too artistic. Unfortunately, the nakedness has become only the token of business in body servicing to the sexual instincts of the human world.

A speech has to be tailored keeping audience in mind by the orator. Everything is similar to that in this world. The topic we are discussing here is more sensitive and would be looked only through the prism of understanding of culture you posses.

It is up to every individual to value or devalue the purpose and the intention behind nude. Not only beauty but also ugly lies in the eyes of beholder.

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