Namas, Namaskar and NaMos


It is the spine, blood and respiration of BJP. They call it as Hindutuva.  There are too many definitions for it including one from the judicial system of India. Buying or denying that is up to you.

Yoga, which was documented by Patanjali is famous across the world. Per the beliefs of few Hindus, Patanjali  had his last breath in Rameswaram. His samathi is located in Rameswaram, one of the southern tips of India. I was speaking to a French Christian lady about this few months back. She wanted to visit Rameswaram for this purpose. She is following religiously – The Yoga. But Namo’s cadres may be following Yoga seems for the religion.

Surya Namaskar seems to be one of the greatest things which was documented and defined by Patanjali. I am not sure, how much preference is given to Patanjali ‘s resting place after death in this government. Rameswaram still seems lacking cleanliness per a lot of tourists or pilgrims. Per few, Patanjali rested in Trichy was the Yogic guru who documented the Yoga.

Surya Namaskar or most part of the Yoga can not be called as religious though there are acceptable shades of the culture of the land. I was taught yoga by a trainer called Arvind Lochan, who does this as service. He asks his non-believer students or other religious students to avoid using religious angle. I was amazed by his classes which did not try to take any unaccepted leaf from Hindu religion.

His advice is to do Surya Namaskar and Pranayama daily. He is quite a professional who along many increment the  glory of Yoga.

narendra-modi-yogaYoga is a prescribed medicine for a lot. But pressurizing Yoga and playing Hindutuva card would be a bad thing for Yoga. Indian minorities are generous too. The State Emblem of Tamil Nadu where Patanjali is resting is of a Hindu Temple, to be precise – Srivillipuththur Andal Temple of the state is accepted by everyone as state emblem.

Concept of India is plural and never been singular. The Plural is not called Hindutuva.

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