Naming a Kid: Internet Intellectuals


There is a viral disease across the Internet exposed population. They need Internet for everything. Google to find the lawn of their home is their Technical expertise.

Few of my friends said the names of their kids were from Internet. One of my friend’s daughter was named in a Mesopotamian name after all he felt it is stylish and Meaningful.

The Cultural names are not finding space in intellectual community of Internet. But the Internet name databases serve the purpose of naming your kid. Do you need a Jewish Name? A Hindu male name? A Lutheran female name ?  A Buddhist mandarin name ? An Islamic male name? The Internet can serve for you.

Few names seem to be brand new and named only they looked to be unique and stylish. I come from a culture; the naming is done after the grandfather or grandmother. I know a person who was named Chinna Karuppan felt the name is degrading his image. His parents did change the name to a stylish one when he was in middle of elementary school.

There was a fight between my friend and his wife for naming their new born girl child. They found name in an internet site. They both agreed for the name.

One of my co-workers son was named after the grandson of Krishna, Aniruddh. There is a new need of hour in Indian Subcontinent. The Astrology fanatic subcontinent gets frenzy when a couple get a kid, Lot of suggestions for names pops up all of a sudden.

A new born in a state where the language lacks hard sounds like H,G,D named their kid as Harsh – not be get confused with English word which has strong meaning. Harsh is a stylish adoption of the name of Harshvardhan, who ruled India in the past.

Naming is not a simple task now days. The parents need help from Internet. The cultural names or native names of the family are taking a back seat, and mostly astrology influences the naming. The Astrologers say name starting with this alphabet. The timings of scissor-in baby births are dictated  by astrologers.

I was named after the belief of my mother. But now, the belief too takes back seat. Era – was named to a kid of friend of mine because the name has to start with E.

Cheers – Not sure, why the world is getting more complicated on all issues? Feel good, all the names are good names. All things will be bright and beautiful

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