National Parties in AMMA Nadu


AMMA of Tamil Nadu is considered to be a Pro-BJP, Pro-Modi Chief minister of the state.

Her affinity towards BJP is well known.

But the matter of the fact is after the decline of congress in late 1960s, the southern state is not ready to welcome any party with Hindi leaders. Any leader coming to Tamil Nadu has to reharse a kind of political Tamil to Tamilians. The Tamil might have written in their mother tongue. The Latest to join is Aravind Kejriwal of Aam Aadmi Party.

Tamils felt bad, when Hindi was installed to be national language by Jawahar Lal Nehru’s regime. Tamils had no option other than to support Indra Feroz Gandhi when the state unit of congress is desimated by them – but the need for power at centre still existed but unachievable.

It was in the national front government Kalaingar Karunanidhi got a share which the regional parties were thirst of.

Maruthur Gopal Krihsnan Ramachandra Menon – popularly known as MGR of Tamil Nadu, had a formula in having agreement with Congress party. He never let congress to take over Dravidian parties in the state.

Jayalalitha though supported BJP in the past – but never allowed BJP to grow in India. But the intelligent BJP took all simple opportunities to grow in the state. The Hindi belt party is using Hindu card in Tamil Nadu and not speaking about Hindi at any point of time.

Congress is left alone now in the state. It is difficult to get even a single seat in the nation. Left Parties are of very less effect in the state since the independence of the nation.

National Parties are left with no major alliance in the southern sweep state. The parties in the BJP gang are strangely speaking about Tamil Pride. Tamils will not support any alien party. They need a home grown party and home grown politics.

Tamil politics is more glamorous than any in the nation. Tamil parties are super size fan clubs of celebrities. The parties live in lime light with glamorous provocative slogans. They are seriously in the business of comedy politics.

Bottom line of the story is Tamil Nadu is unique and it is good for Tamil Nadu to keep national parties away at least in this election and coming couple.


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    Amma nadu is kodanadu