Nayaks of Madurai!


I was watching 1987 Telugu Movie Nagamma Nayakkadu some timeback. Still remember the prominent scenes of the movie.

Shri Krishna Devaraya

Shri Krishna Devaraya

It was at the Krishna Devaraya’s time, Vijayanagara Empire was known to be the powerful empire of south India.

It was a story of son fighting against the father for the patriotism he possessed for his kingdom. The Son was Viswanatha Nayak and the father was Kotikam Nagamma Nayak. If I remember correctly, the role of father was epic by one of the best actors of the Indian film industry – Dada Saheb Palke. Sivaji VC Ganesan. The son and the hero of the movie was Krishna, then super star of Telugu Film Industry.

Sivaji VC Ganesan played the role which can be considered as villain to an extend or faith killer, was epic role with no compromise in his skills. Sivaji stays apart with his great performance. His play acting experience helped him a lot.

The Story is more interesting to me. Most of the people may not know this story. There are books about the invasion of Madurai in Telugu and other languages too.

Sivaji VC Ganesan

There were two rulers at the point of time in Tamilakam (Ancient Tamil Nadu Compromising Kerala and Tamil Nadu) in the story. The Pandyan and Cholan were fighting for Madurai in 16th Century. Historians render caution stating these are really not great Pandyan and Cholan of the Tamil Great history.

Pandya King, Chandrasekara Pandyan was aligned with Vijaya nagara empire, while the Chola King Veera Sekara Cholan was not. But Cholan won Madurai – the capital of Pandyan Kingdom.

Vijayanagara dynasty sent Nagamma Nayak to win Madurai and to install the Pandyan back in the city. But on winning Madurai, Nagamma changes his mind and becomes ruler of Madurai – becoming the first seed of Nayak dynasty in Madurai.

Upset over the trust killing, Krishna Devaraya(Krishnam Raju) calls for volunteer to fight against the one time commander in chief of the dynasty, Nagamma Nayak (Sivaji).  A Young Commander volunteers for the task, who – the son of Nagamma Nayak, Viswanatha Nayak(Krishna).

Krishna, then Telugu super Star

Viswanatha Nayak win over Madurai and hand over father, Nagamma Nayak to the dynasty of Vijayanagara. Nagamma was forgiven by the dynasty and Viswanatha Nayak was appointed as viceroy and first Nayak of Madurai officially by the dynasty.

Both Chola and Pandya loss the Tamil Capital.

Viswanatha Nayak created councils and smaller units of administration for the best administration. Viswanatha in history, described as one of the efficient administrators.

Bottom Line of the story is involving third party in conflict is always not a wise move.

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