Negative Vote to Rajapakse


Though, it cannot be considered as a fullest victory of Tamil minority of the island nation of the south east, Sri Lanka – the Tamil people in Sri Lanka and India are thinking it is a new dawn. Justice CV Wigneswaran, one of the former justice of Supreme court of the nation who contest as a chief ministerial candidate of Tamil National Alliance(TNA) is installed in the Provinicial council of the north.

North Provincial Council which was formed out 13th amendment of Indo-Lanka Accord did not see free fair elections for three decades. This time the election happened with high security and under the supervision of many election monitoring commissioners. India and Pakistan did sent their former election commissioners for the monitoring of elections.

Though there was international monitoring, there was bunch of complaints against the government and the military for intimidation. The election under the framework of Sri Lankan constitution did not render too much promise. The election may not achieve the aspirations of Tamils unless the south of sri lanka understand the issues of Tamils.

The younger urban generation of the island wants a peaceful nation for the coming years. Colombo, the capital city has both minority Tamils and Majority Sinhalese in appreciable amount. But the ruling political class of Colombo is yet to act with required speed in the Tamil issue.

While this can be considered as positive move,  the island nation is seeing sections like Bodu Bala Sena which is chauvinistic Buddhist movement. The Buddhist blood is boiling against innocent Muslims. The Bodu Bala Sena is suspected to have royal patronage from the government particularly the brother of President Mr. Gotapaya Rajapakse.

The Tamil National Alliance dub the election as a compulsion of India in the Island nation. The Tamil National Alliance is expecting more from India. But there is a change in the stand of TNA. TNA now bats for the united Sri Lanka. This brings displeasure to the Pro-LTTE Tamil Diaspora spread across the world. The Tamil Supporters in South Indian state of Tamil Nadu also has the same thought but they appreciates the election result as they consider this as negative vote for Rajapakse.

A negative to Rajapakse is going to deliver a positive life to Tamils or not? The question needs answer yet.


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