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Satya Nadella


The news is everywhere now. Since the announcement of Satya Narayana  Nadella  as the successor of Steve Ballmer,  as the CEO of the Microsoft Corporation, Hyderabad is witnessing an air of jubilation. The city can now boast with pride that the present CEO of the software giant Microsoft hails from here. The Indian state boiling at the heat of Telangana issue at this moment has something good to feel cool about, momentarily at least.

Satya Nadella, the Indian born, Manipal Educated (His profile shows he had his college education in Manipal Institute of Technology before moving to US where he had had his MS in Computer Science and MBA later.) techie who joined Microsoft 22 years back, has now become the third CEO of this 38 year old company. While he was asked about his plans for the company he simply replied , “I’m hungry to do more”.

Couple of days back, in a TV interview  to the question, ‘What type of a guy he was?’, he quipped, “I’m someone who buys more books than one reads (He is an avid reader and especially loves to read American and Indian Poetry) and sign in a number of online courses than one could ever finish.”

While the interviewer asked him how he felt while he was announced the next CEO he simply said, “I feel honored, humbled and excited”. The Hyderabad Public School, Begampet  is literally in festive mood, for Nadella had his schooling here. The principal of the school remembers Satya being so humble during his visit to the school back in 2010 to inaugurate an expo in the school. His life has overnight become a motivating success story for thousands of Indian teens.


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The news about Nadella gained sensational attraction around the globe since the moment of official announcement. The news almost became viral for in the past few days there have been half-a-billion searches thrown on his name across the web. Seems he ranks third in terms of search queries where the first two places in the cyber world are claimed by US prez Barack Obama and Microsoft’s founder and its first CEO Bill Gates respectively. The news updates that sprawls the media about his pay package and perks that come along have garnered jaw dropping reactions amid Indians. Nevertheless, this 46 year old’s achievement has conformed once again the crucial role of India on the global business map.


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