New World Order in Delhi


I am not speaking about the Central Government of India, I am speaking about the commoners who achieved the best at the state level elections here at New Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal is now the Chief Minister of Delhi. The Activist leader has overthrown three time chief minister. The New CM is a common man. He has taken almost the most powerful ministries of the state including the Power.

A tough path is laid before the activist team. Congress cannot be taken for granted. Congress and BJP are main players in making Indian corruption full.  India was seen as a nation of corrupt politicians, thanks to Congress’ numerous scams in the free India. BJP and their politicians mercilessly looted in the coffin scam. Arvind Kejriwal spoke almost like a soft Che Guevara. He wants to make the nation graft free. He insists on ZERO VIP CULTURE.

Arvind spoke in common man’s language. But it is tough be alive with honesty when the political animals are part and parcel of all the parties except yours in the nation. Arvind insist on reducing Electricity prices. This promise seems to be most possible at this moment. But the industrialists may not like. It is difficult to be honest politician than a naxalite. Arvind has a tough road ahead.

Arvind believes in participatory democracy and inclusive growth. The Rahul or Modi Nama gangs are of not this kind. Arvind has installed a very youngest minister Rakhi Birla. I had friends mine trying to get job for settling in life at the age of 23 to 27. She is just 26 and the youngest of the team. She is going to handle Woman welfare in the state where infamous gang rape took place. The infamous gang rape, happened in the nation’s capital brought shame to the entire nation.

It was said by media initially – AAP, a spoiler/vote cutter; then AAP is contender. Now AAP is going to rule.Lets hope for a honest, graft free, secure and performing serving CM with no hurdles.

Congrats Arvind!

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