Make a nice day


Every new dawn promises a new day. None of us wants our days to turn bad. While I was a student, we had a controller of examination, a man who never says good morning or hello. Instead, he always said ‘Success’. Whenever a student or a colleague greets him, he always greeted them back with this word alone. This made me think a lot as a student. That way of greeting gave a very positive vibe when we sit in our exam halls, tensed. As a controller of examinations he is suppose to give the instructions to the pupils before the commencement of every exam. The moment he begins with the word ‘Success’ in his characteristic base voice, one would feel the difference. It evoked a kind of optimism in me.

‘Have a nice day’ is the most common greeting phrase that we exchange with each other. Invariably we all want our days to turn successful. How many times have we greeted other people like this? We keep using this phrase mechanically umpteen times in our lives. But, have you ever chewed over these words? When some one says, ‘Have a nice day’, doesn’t it sound like some one gives you this day ready-made and you are just at the receiving end, mutely receiving what’s been offered?

I can read your thoughts now. A little perhaps, if not, in total. You might probably be whispering, ‘Yes, every day is a gift of God.’ Agreed. But what is one going to do with this gift is more important than just receiving the gift. I greet everyone I meet with the phrase ‘Make a nice day’. Just a word-replaced makes a whole lot of difference. Ain’t it?

Good Day Bad Day Quote

When I greet someone this way I actually intend to mean, “Hey pal, it’s your day. You have to design it. The ups and downs those you might face today are the outcomes of your actions alone.”

This greeting is an apt reminder that keeps reminding that one shouldn’t relay upon luck to brighten up their day. Luck favors the one who is ready to work, after all. Every individual is the architect of his/her days. It’s we who decide- our attitudes and actions, to be more precise- how our day is going to be. So dear all,

Make a Nice Day !


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