Noise Only Allowed! No voice Allowed!!


BBC, one of the biggest names in the NEWS coverage industry is not allowed to broadcast a documentary in world’s largest democracy. The Modi government of India is not happy with the documentary of BBC which was planned for airing on the International Women’s day.
India saw high scale violence against women during the last phase of last government. The Delhi gang rape was just the tip of an ice berg. The Delhi gang rape tarnished the image of India across the globe. There were thoughts from India’s right wing stating – The Rape happened because of Westernization. ‘Rapes are more in India. Not in Bharath’, discovered the ideological base of the present government.
The Delhi gang rape exposed the security issues the Indian women face. The UBER TAXI incident is the latest to join.
India remains unsafe for women even after it was opened to the world. The Liberalization of economy has made a lot of women to work but not with safety.
At this point of time, BBC airing a documentary is not liked by the present government. The thoughts of the rapist and the defense lawyers can shake the nation. Few put it aside stating, they are sick.
But the Bar Council is trying to act faster.
The Video was uploaded in YouTube by the broadcaster. But per the request of the government, the video was removed from YouTube. But lot were uploaded the same and can be found in Torrents too. This puts the government’s ban on the documentary senseless and toothless.
Few of the reporters want the documentary to be broadcasted. Few even suggest for screening in the public to wider audience. Banning this documentary is really not going to help. It is required to air this documentary. Banning this documentary is misguided per BBC and it is true too.
When there were Noises for making Women to give birth for more kids, Every Indian is Ram’s kid, India’s Holy book is Gita. They were not punished to the expectation. But the government is keen in banning this. Noises are allowed but No voice!

Incredible India! Sorry, Incredible Bharath!


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