Nova – Siva


The belief of Tamils states that –there was great danger for human race in the past. The danger was caused by abundant water. The Caretaker of funerals in Tamils region came to know about this. He got a dream couple months before the danger. He went to the public and stated this.

His words were not accepted by the most public. But the caretaker believed in his dream and started building a ship / boat to carry over the lives to be rescued. He built with no effort –Nova (with no pain in Tamil).

As he said, one fine day – the sea and water bodies dangerously started entering into the land of Human beings. Sanskrit call this as Jala Pralayam (Water Calamity), while Tamil calls it a Kadal Koal (Ocean’s holding – Koal looks so close to the English word Hold to me)

People ran towards Siva (the name of the care taker). Siva rescued them with other living organisms. He took interest in collecting at least a pair (male – female) of all movable living organism.

The crew started the journey and reached a land mass. They called that place as ThiruThonipuram – the present day name of this place in Tamil Nadu is Seer (sri)Kaali or Sirgali.

The word life is called as Jeevan in Sanskrit which is nothing but Seevan in Tamil – a word derived from Sivan. But Tamils majorly use the word Vaazhgai or Uyir in their conversations.

But the same story in Bible calls this savior (life saver) story with a hero called NOVA. While NOVA and SIVA has only the last syllable as same – the story is almost the same.

Siva is considered as god who involves in meditation. He does things in crafty manner with no effort. Siva may be Nova of Dravidians*. Siva is famous god of Hinduism now.


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