Obama Takes up America’s Favorite Obliterating Strategy


On the eve of September 11, American President Barack Obama spoke on a nationally televised address in which he unfurled his plans to step-up military actions against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Obama explained to American public about the actions his administration has planned and about expanding the airstrikes against Sunni jihadists in Iraq. “I have made it clear that we will hunt down terrorists who threaten our country, wherever they are. That means I will take action against ISIL in Syria, as well as in Iraq. If you threaten America, you will find no safe haven” said Obama.

Obama also talked about the difference between the military actions he was ordering and the ones before (in Iraq and Afghanistan) ordered by his predecessor. He said this will only be selective airstrikes carried out for years against suspected terrorists. American military training will be given to moderate Syrian rebels and they will also be armed with American weapons. ‘Moderate’ rebels, a term that could only be coined by American Presidents. May be these Syrian rebels are as moderate as Osama was in the Afghanistan war against Russia.


A year ago, fierce Syrian rebels fought against its government in a brutal civil war. These fierce rebels later turned out to be ISIS, who all happened to be moved over from Al-Qaeda. A year ago, America would have happily helped these Syrian rebels in order bring down the unfriendly Syria government. Well, at least that didn’t happen, because then Obama’s Wednesday speech would have been a dark comedy. As usual Saudi Arabia, the gleeful retainer of US immediately agreed to provide a base for the training of those moderate forces.

On Wednesday, Obama also shifted $25 million as military aid to Iraqi forces, including the Kurdish militants, who are combating ISIS extremists in northern Iraq. Two weeks back, President Obama came under harsh criticism as conservatives and some Democrats addressed Obama’s timid response against the ISIS threat. Now this speech and its later impact might give Obama a boost in the polls. However, everything could turn poorly for Obama if it’s yet another war sold on false pretenses.


American administration always has this fetish on ‘Presidential toughness’, which means that a President must immediately wage war whenever hostile terrorist organization arises. Of course these administrators has a short term memory loss that they the ones who sowed seeds to grow such ruthless terrorists. Presidential toughness, since Nixon administration or after 9/11 haven’t made America, the ‘safe haven’. American Presidents are happy to drop some bombs over Middle East and fervently hope that those things will take care of everything. They never care what changes or growth they are going to bring politically in battered country.

There is no doubt that extremist, violent organization like ISIS should be uprooted from the face of Earth. Considering US’ state-of-the-art weapons, drones, and full-fledged support in the Middle East region, it won’t be hard task to behead ISIS (although these terrorists groups are like a hydra). But, to bring peace to these regions for at least another decade there must be a far greater strategy. Although, Obama has distinctly pointed out how different this conflict against ISIS is, nobody could predict how the war will go on. War is not a movie screenplay that unfolds in perfect three acts. Hope that the great American Presidents (our world’s lawmen) and administrators, who are more intelligent than me understand that in the future.


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