The Online Domination of Cats


The ancient Egyptians were the first ones to domesticate the wild forest creatures into furry friends for humans. They revered cats and worshipped them as Gods. The ancient Egyptians worshipped Goddess Mafet, Bastet for protection, justice, and fertility. These godesses were depicted as woman with a cat-head. Well those antediluvian people might feel happy, if they have lived to the Internet era to see those feline creatures irrepresible presence in online.

A recent survey by a mobile network says that internet users around the world share more than twice as many online cat pictures than selfies. Nearly 4 million clips or pictures of these feline beings are shared across internet every day. More than 350,000 cat owners is said to have a Facebook or Twitter account for their pets. They are creating an online persona for their cats.

Everyone is sort of hoping that their pet becomes the next internet cat star. There’s a vast majority of cute online cats videos, and there’s also been memes and parodies. There’s this famous rainbow-colored meme cat named ‘Nyan Cat’. Then there are Grumpy cats, keyboard cat, surprised kitty, OMG cat, very angry cat, and many more……. It’s true that these ‘Youtube’ cats make people laugh, but what gives the cats so much viral action than any other animals.

First-ever Internet Cat Video Festival, in Los Angeles

First-ever Internet Cat Video Festival, in Los Angeles

Dr. Radha O’Meara from Massey University of New Zealand in a painstaking attempt spent many days to watch over hundreds and hundreds of online cat videos to find out the reason. In brief, her conclusion is that cats are oblivious of the camera. Yeah, cats don’t care if they are being filmed. Placing a camera in front of a dog and wringing out a cute expression seems easy as a dog would do anything to get its masters attention. The same doesn’t go for the cat as they are independent and untameable. Sometimes camera makes even human beings to act in weirder ways (if you have doubt check some reality shows), so it’s really rare that a living being exhibit a ‘don’t care’ attitude to camera.


Doctor O’Meara research also says that we watch cat videos because it’s something that’s not upsetting. We humans have a great appetite for entertainment than for hard news or for life-changing ideas. But, in this contemporary era of corporate media, we are always shown how rotten human beings are and how everything is going for the worse. For some people, cat videos may bring solace from all those negativity. May be too much of cat cuteness would bring back people to ponder over other things.

In the end, there may not be a definite answer to cat’s domination online. And, in the internet there are several theories floating around (some theories are so bizarre as to state that it’s all a conspiracy set by the intelligent cats). If you feel confounded by these theories, please do watch a cat video.


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