Oscar Orphans


Cinema is a grander art the embraces almost all the rest of the known arts. Though the director of a movie is said to be the captain of the ship, film making is never a one man show. I grew up watching Hollywood flicks. As a kid I was always enthralled by the action flicks and some of the breathtaking stunt sequences from my childhood favourites linger fresh in my heart. In fact one of the crucial factors for Hollywood’s universal appeal and reception is its movies in the action genre.


Best Action Flicks


Hollywood manages to take the world movie market outside US mainly owing to the action flicks. Especially in the Asia-Pacific region history shows that many turned became hits in the box office, in spite of the same flick’s poor gross in the home market. As a child like everyone I thought the adrenaline pumping chases and the risky hair-raising electrifying stunts were performed by the heroes themselves.  Only later did I learn about the world of Stunt men and their entire crew. We all hear their stories of courage along with their tragic stories of set accidents and deaths, every now and then.


Spills and Thrills bx


Stunt choreographers, Stunt coordinators and the body doubles for heroes are a group of brave men who risk their lives to entertain us on screen for a flick of a second. In case of tragic accidents their lives vanishes without a trace. All their risks just go like a puff in the smokes, none remembering them.


Stuntman  Kun Liu

Stuntman Kun Liu

The most recent case in my memory is the demise of the Beijing stuntman Kun Liu (26) who died in the sets of ‘The Expendables 2’, in October 2011. Despite elaborate and planned precautions accidents do happen.



The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (AMPAS) recognizes the cinematic achievements in American Cinema since 1929 with Academy awards popularly known as the Oscars. Currently the awards are conferred each year under 24 categories, most of which have been added over the years.  The Board of Governors meets each year to discuss on considering the requests for new award categories. Among few other rejections by the board, the proposal for an Award for ‘Best Stunt Coordination’ has been rejected every year from 1991-2012.


Academy Awards Oscars


On this 86th Academy awards many of us would certainly be busy. Sitting back in the living room’s cozy couch, with popcorn tubs on the lap, your eyes would be glued to the red carpet of The Dolby Theatre at the Hollywood & Highland Centre. It is enough if you think for a moment for these forgotten heroes; it would be the simplest tribute we pay to them.


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