PadmaVibushan Mr. Satire – Out at 99


He was known to be close with India’s Emergency queen, Former Prime minister – Mrs. Indira Priyadarshini Feroz Gandhi.

It was Mr Kushwant Singh, a man who did not spare anyone in political arena. Strangely, Mr Singh has to sour his relations with Mrs. Gandhi for multiple relations in multiple occasions.

Mr.Kushwant Singh was Member of Parliament in the upper house (Rajya Sabha) under the regime of Indira Gandhi.

Mr. Kushwant Singh was known for his writings which he started in Yojana, Planning commission magazine. He was playing media interaction role in Toronto for Government of India.

Mr. Singh was man of humour and author of well known books like ‘Train to Pakistan’. His Son Rahul Singh said ‘He was mentally alert until the very end’. Mr. Singh was known for his satire writings.

The only man I can think of satire after Mr. Singh is Tughlak Cho of Tamil Nadu. Mr. Singh lived for freedom of expressions. First time, he soured his relation with Indira Gandhi was on her implementation of Press censorship in the nation.

The next time he soured the relation with Mrs. Gandhi was when he mentored Mrs. Menaka Sanjay Gandhi, the jounalist Punjabi daughter-in-law of Gandhi.

‘He Fell with Menaka’ – this is how his family recollects Mr Singh’s mentoring for Mrs. Menaka Gandhi. Mrs. Menaka Gandhi joined BJP and her son, Mr. Varun Gandhi is now in BJP.

Mr. Singh’s acquaintances with politicians are very famous. He had good relations with politicians like other popular journalists.
His Satirical writing and his sense of humour kept him in lime light. His writing skill is a great tool for his career growth.

Mr.Singh did not shy away from writing about sex. Few called it as obsession.

Mr. Singh was known for his poetry too. He is a notable journalist learned author.

He is now no more at his age of 99. Let his soul rest in peace.

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  • Mahesh Semwal

    No doubt he was a great writer but his life was full of controversies.