The Paradoxical Moditva



Mr. Modi is the man enjoying media popularity like no other political figures in recent memory. The main stream media- both printed and television- embraces him as if he is a bollywood star. The limelight over him and the aura painted at his back has boosted his image not just in the home soil but internationally as well. The overwhelming response given by the Indians living in America during his recent visit has doubtlessly proved of his current popularity. Well people have memory loss in general; those NRIs are no exceptions.




The Modi mantra is chanted in every news channel you tune into, almost every day. The ‘Modi wave’ has not only swept the power in the center but is also consistently reaping victories at a massive scale in Assembly in various states. The power in many Indian states has come under the BJP leadership with the power of Modi’s image backed and nourished by Amith Shah. Recently NDTV covered the function of Devendra Fadnavis’ who sworn in as Maharashtra’s first BJP Chief Minister in Wankhede Stadium. There was heavy praise for the BJP regime in particular for Mr. Modi, though no direct words of praise was uttered one could easily see their pro-Modi inclination, which was obvious throughout the presentation of the story.

Looking back at the BJP regime from day one there are two obvious things majorly propagandized by the Prime Minister of India. Or shall we say the duo that got mass public attention, thanks to the media? The PM of India rolled out his most ambitious “Make in India” campaign sometime back. It was an open invitation from the Indian government to global investors to start up business in India and aimed primarily especially at attracting investments for the manufacturing sector.


make in india


One could understand the urge on the Indian side to keep up in its race with China its giant neighbor and the direct competitor in lust of superiority in the Asian region. Given the current sluggish scenario that’s currently crippling the manufacturing sector in the dragon land that until recently had been enjoying the status as the single largest manufacturing hub globally, it is natural to understand the desperateness of the India to grab the golden opportunity.

The other grandeur call from Modi to the citizens of the nation is through the Swachh Bharat (Clean India) campaign. This Modi’s cleanliness drive envisions a clean India. Though these two seem fitting when viewed separately, turns out paradoxical while viewed together.


clean india


Modi as PM has spent a good time flying, visiting leaders of the developed world, holding bilateral talks and building relationships. Besides he has also been keen in meeting the CEOs of the big shots of the every industry and has urged to start up business in India. He took great effort to woo investments. Given that the global manufactures buy his invitations and start up their empires in India, there comes an array of environmental issues that follow it. They ought to be addressed. But the fact is India is already facing a critical challenge in dealing with the environmental issues, how could this be tackled?

Every leader in the world is pressing on their national growth, but whose growth really it is? Who really are the beneficiaries which are always promoted as the growth of people? Logical and rational thinking leads us to one understanding. Only one of these visions could be actualized. But which of it is it going to be any way? And who is going to reap the fruits of it and who else are going to reap the effects that might likely follow on the other side of this ‘growth coin’?



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