Petrol Prices: No Ache Din at any point!

Be it Congress or BJP, there is no difference in economic policies. It was Dr. Manmohan Singh, who started the present day economic policy. BJP really had a good chance to change or transform the scenario as the very immediate government of Mr. P V Narashima Rao was BJP. But it did not wanted to.


But the claims were loud. The decibels of voice from BJP was at peak whenever it sits in opposition. I totally don’t agree with the Pro-capitalistic Manmohan singh policies. But unfortunately, BJP is worse than Congress.


The two major political parties are not pro-poor. There are few exceptions but those are very less than we expect from the largest democracy of this planet.

Mr. Modi, who voiced against hike in Petrol price really got a good chance to reduce petrol price as the crude oil price in the markets had touched record low this time. But the government is not willing to do. May be the Oil Companies want to earn more. Government seems to be more pro-capitalistic than congress. At least congress did not have this chance.

BJP is not party with difference. BJP is more pro-capitalistic than any party in the country. While the prices are coming down, the government increases exercise duty, introducing CESS and looking for other possibilities to keep the petrol prices stable. Government is avoiding the people to get the benefit of the global economy.

The biggest lesson learnt is, never ever believe politicians. The words they are saying cannot be taken with face value. The Change in government is only change in masters.

Either Silent mode Manmohan Singh or Flight mode Modi will never help commoners of India.

No Government will be with common people of the nation!

Long Live Democracy! JAI HIND!

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